LOTO Procedure

Example Lock out - Tag out instruction


Purpose and scope

Securing installations is necessary if they could come into operation in an uncontrolled manner during maintenance work or, for example, when troubleshooting. The lock prevents someone from accidentally activating the installation. Each subsequent employee who comes to perform work on the same installation must also install his own security lock on the lock multiplier.



  1. Inform those involved about the work that will be carried out.
  2. Shut off the Energy Sources (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, etc.)
  3. Lock the energy source with padlock and lock multiplier.
  4. Check whether the energy is turned off.
  5. Place the label “DO NOT OPERATE”


Step 1: Inform those involved

Inform those involved that (part of) the installation is going to be shut down.


Step 2: Shut off energy sources

Check which type of energy needs to be disconnected (electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.)

Lock out padlock

Step 3: Lock energy source with LOTO

Insert the lock multiplier and the personal lock. If several technicians are working on the installation at the same time, each technician must place and lock his own safety padlock in the lock multiplier. Everyone who installs the lock keeps their own key in their possession at all times.

Step 4: Check if the energy has been removed

Lock out all energy sources with the appropriate Lock out materials to shut down the supply of energy to the equipment or machine. Use a lock and/or lock multiplier so that no one can operate the switch or valve while the work is still in progress.

Step 5: Place label 'DO NOT OPERATE'

Place the label 'DO NOT OPERATE'.


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