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Lock out (LOTO) padlock multiplier

Lock out (LOTO) padlock multiplier

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Lock Out (LOTO) lock multiplier suitable for 6 padlocks

  • When working on installations, the installation must be secured. If several people carry out work on the same installation, each employee must use his or her own personal lock. In such cases, a slot multiplier is needed.
  • In the Lockout, tagout, try out (LOTOTO) we talk about making it 'energyless', in addition to electrical energy we know several forms of energy such as 'pressure', 'steam', 'kinetic energy', etc.
  • It is important that the type of energy that needs to be disconnected is first determined. This will then have to be locked (Lock Out) and provided with a label (Tag Out). Subsequently, it must be checked whether the energy is actually gone (Try Out), paying attention to residual energy.
  • The energy source can be locked by several employees with their own personal lock, only when the last lock has been removed can the installation be switched on again. This is part of the 'Lockout, Tagout, Try out' procedure.


  • Dimensions: W 45mm x 115mm x D 10mm
  • Bracket: 25mm
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